Is This The Next Hip-Hop Biopic In The Works?

The Fugees might be the next big rap group to have their own movie!

UPDATE: I got word on this and I am sorry to inform you, but this is NOT TRUE. Sorry! I was hopeful!

(AllHipHop Rumors) The Fugees are STILL the highest selling rap group of all time, I think! Some of you ain't on to the Fugees, because they have been at odds more than they were a cohesive rap unit. For those that don't know:

The Fugees were an American hip hop group who rose to fame in the mid-1990s. Their repertoire included elements of hip hop, soul and Caribbean music, particularly reggae. The members of the group were rapper/singer/producer Wyclef Jean, rapper/singer/producer Lauryn Hill, and rapper Pras Michel. Deriving their name from the term refugee, Jean is Haitian, while Pras and Hill are American." - Wikipedia

Moving right along.

There are rumors that The Fugees are the next rap group to have a biopic. Now, I am not sure I believe this chatter. I don't think they can get it done, because the group's members are so disjointed and don't get along! But, the rumors are saying quite the contrary.

There is going to be an open casting call this fall for a biopic about the rise and fall of the group The Fugees. Apparently the real story is what happened behind the scenes and they won't be romanticizing the abusive relationship between Clef and Ms. Hill. They are telling everything! All members are on board and will have final say in who will play them in the movie. They have all agreed that unknowns will take the lead roles. Emphasis is being placed mostly on who will play L-Boogie as the female has to be able to act, rap and sing. Most of you may be wondering why now when all members are not exactly in the best place? Money is the answer. This movie will be a big pay day for all three members who all need the cash. This is a big budget film! - Source

I suppose at this pointing time we could use this working out for the betterment of all members. We are talking like 20 years so perhaps some of the wounds have healed a bit. Also, I am sure that they could all stand to make a bit of money! Right? IJS!

Well, if this is real, there is cause for celebration! FU-GEE-LA!

way, here is their biggest selling album, The Score...just in case you need a reminder.

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I love Lauren’s old music mote than any other female rapper ever. I would hate for a movie to depict her pain and struggles negatively. Plus they will have a British chick playing her and piss me off.


I’d be interested! But Lauryn does not need the money, she’s been touring, money is good. It’s the other two who need it. The only reason I believe there is some truth about this rumor is because they labeled her relationship with wyclef abusive, which it was. Lauryn probably just wants to tell her side and finally get this all out with the added bonus of getting paid. I’m here for it.

Milwaukee crew
Milwaukee crew

Lauren hill is the original "queen of hip hop" and don't you MFS forget it.