Is This The Result Of The #MeToo Movement?


Men now have an option to keep all that weird stuff in their house.

(AllHipHop Rumors) A lot of dudes out here ain’t SH!T! We know this as fact! And the blow back on all men is real as well. Some dudes that can’t get a real girl may be experience difficulties due to their inability to use crude and sick ways to do it. Now that society finds (and mostly has unless you are the president) this stuff reprehensible, there may be a solution for you freak-a-zoids!

For a few stacks ($2,850.00 to be exact), you can have your own big booty, lifesize thotty that will never say no to you, never can sue you and has a vagina too.

I have to admit, these bad boys are scary, especially with the artificial intelligence movement coming in like the Red Coats. Nevertheless, you can do whatever to this and let all your weirdo sexual stuff out on this doll that even comes with a retractable, interchangable vagina. Switch that cooch out as you see fit! Now, this will not help you get a wife, a girl, a cut buddy and any other form of real woman, but it may help keep your perverted ass out of jail. My only issue is the selection is really light for Black girls. What if you want a straight up Black woman or a darker person in general? You have no real options here. No afros and no melanin poppin whatsoever. Well, I take that back:

If you want to get one, hit this link and enter your credit card info.

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