Is This What's Holding Kash Doll Back?


Kash Doll's Twitter likes are very telling!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Wellllll it looks like we may know how Kash Doll feels about so-called industry politics.

A fan posted an interesting tweet, and Kash Doll liked it.

The fan claimed that the reason that Kash Doll isn't getting as much shine as some of these rappers because she's "brown skin."

"Ya'll gon say I'm crazy. But b-tches like dream doll...cardi...this Asian Doll hoe....none of these females got better bars than @kashdoll fr. But she brown skin. And light skin girls always get more shine #Onlytherealwillgetit" posted fan.

Well first let's address the belief that the "doll" rappers have made it. Have they? No they haven't.

Cardi B has made it, but it's not due to the complexion of her skin.

Are you a fan of Kash Doll? Why do you think she may not be getting the support she may deserve? Does she have great bars?

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