Is Tupac's Father Still Getting Out Of Jail This Month?


Last year rumors surfaced that Tupac's father black nationalist, Mutulu Shakur was going to be released from jail. Shakur, was a proponent of the Republic of New Afrika and wanted the best for black people. To Shakur's supporters, he is a political prisoner that was forced into penitentiary for crimes he didn’t commit. In the past he expressed that his family was also always a target of the Cointelpro, and as a result they were hunted, prosecuted, and murdered just because they fought for human rights. Well, we heard a rumor last year that he was getting out this month. Word on the street is that he actually isn't getting out. Had Shakur been released this month, it would've been interesting especially with it being Black History Month and with the Tupac biopic 'All Eyez On Me' being filmed.