Is Wale Dissing Drake, J Cole and Logic?

Wale is an outspoken musician and a new rumor is suggesting that he’s dissing Drake, J Cole and Logic.

By: Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) Wale isn't known to bite his tongue and rumors are swirling about potential beef. The rumors are mostly rooted in a comment Wale made on Twitter.

On Twitter, he was asked the following, "Do you think your expressive passion for the music hurt/prevent you from being mentioned with the rest in your class? @Wale," by a user.

The rapper would go on to answer with "It hurt me greatly. Also, me being a dark-skinned (not half white) rapper direct decent from Africa did too .. but let’s not go there."

That message was taken as a subtle diss towards many of rap's hot artist of the moment. Fans have taken the tweet as a shot at J Cole, Drake and even Logic.

Basically if you're a light skin rapper they're saying Wale is coming for you. I don't know how true that could be, but I'll rule out Logic because he wasn't in Wale's class.

However, both J Cole and Drake both emerged around the same time as Wale. Wale wouldn't maliciously diss J Cole as the two are friends and playfully diss one another all the time.

Drake, on the other hand, there could be some substance there as Drizzy has blown past everyone in the class since they emerged. As of now, nobody knows for sure who Wale is referencing, but we do know that Drake is following God's plan and currently trying to figure out why he should be nice.

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You see, this is the bullshit Yeezy has been talking about. All this insecurity and stupid identity shit.

I never liked Wale or J cole anyway (Born Sinner was the last album I liked)


Biggest Bullshit I've heard today.


Come on son , colour ain't never been the issue, ref KING KENDRICK. its appeal, clarity resonance and overall Love come on Wale. Lol