Is Wale Retiring Or What? He Says..Maybe.

The former MMG lyricist may be flirting with retiring from rap.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Whenever I see a rapper talk about retiring, I immediate ask, "And do what?" What is your average rapper going to do if he discontinues rapping as a trade for money? Nobody is going to push pencils or sell used cars or teach. What exactly will they do? Now, I don't know anything about most rappers and Wale is no exception. For all I know, he could have graduated from Howard with a degree in Go Go Music. I just cannot see him doing anything but rapping. Then again, I could see him owning a franchise and not going in it. Nevertheless, Wale is talking about retiring on Twitter.

On Twitter, DJ Clark Kent asked a question and Wale had a cryptic answer.

Now, rappers have never stayed retired. Jay, Too Short, Scarface and more have repeated threatened to stop giving us music and none of them have stayed with it. Only Joe Budden has retired and stayed with it and that's only because he secured a bag somewhere else. So, Wale will at least get us another album and then possible disappear into Hip-Hop heaven. Also, check out your favorite streaming service. They also have some Wale you may not have heard yet.

Don't started crying yet. I don't think he is going to do it, but only time will tell.