Is Wayne On That Stuff Again?

Lil Wayne is still here, but have some old habits come back?

(AllHipHop Rumors) Wayne is beloved. At this point, even though he had headed to 40, he is loved by all. He is also, sadly, the source of much concern. He recently took a picture with KashDoll and people are worried!

Now some people have jokes and say that the Cash Money / Young Money Millionaire is simply washed. Others say he dresses like a rich rock star. And others YET speculate that he may be on the “stuff.” I don’t know, but I think he looks really rich, in my opinion. There does appear to be some real sweat coming from his smiling face. Nevertheless, I think Wayne is just hot, and has on too many clothes,

What do you think?

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rick rock star, look like a homeless person