Is XXXTentacion Suicidal?


XXXTentacion has posted a pretty cryptic message on his Instagram story! He seems to need help and guidance!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Troubled rapper XXXTentacion not only needs professional help, but he also needs your prayers too.

Since the rapper came onto the scene, he's been nothing short of controversial!

Between beefing with Drake and being accused of being a devil worshipper, it's been a lot.

Also he has a severe case of domestic battery against him.

While most of the sane crowd as well as the older crowd has found him guilty in the court of public opinion, the kids found in his cult-like fan base have yet to check him or address him about the alleged domestic violence accusations that have been filed against him.

Meanwhile, XXX has taken to Instagram to send his prayers out to the victims of the Las Vegas mass shooting. Upon doing so, he got roasted by Lil Yachty and everyone else for mispronouncing condolences.

His prayers weren't the only thing he sent out on social media. He also posted an eerie post that said,

"I'm ready to die alone."

One would wonder does this mean that he may be suicidal?

All I'm going to say is mental health issues are real, and I believe this kid needs to get some help.


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xxx was a good man even though he made beef with drake;