Is Young Thug Still In Jail? Are Jaden And Tyler Creating Love?

Young Thug has been busted on drug-related charges and is now in jail.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Eccentric rapper Young Thug was arrested last week and was quickly sent to drug charges. The tall, lanky ATLein failed to pass a drug test and was immediately sent to jail and his bond revoked. The rapper, nee Jeffery Lamar Williams, allegedly failed a drug test before a court arraignment on November 8. The matter was related to a previous arrest in September of 2017, where Young Thug was arrested for possession of marijuana, methamphetamine, and hydrocodone with intent to distributeThe rapper was also allegedly found with codeine, a gun and , a firearm, Xanax and amphetamine. BUT WHERE IS HE NOW? One of his records says he's already out, but I was under the impression he would be in jail at least until Nov. 17, which is his arraignment.

Is Jaden Smith Trolling Or Is He Tyler The Creator's Boyfriend?

Check this out.

It looks like pure trolling, but you never know. Both guys are pretty gender fluid and Tyler the Creator may or may not be actually gay. I think Jaden was just trying to get some press. This is comical to me!