Is Yung Joc A Part Of “The Agenda”?


One of Tupac's Outlawz is speaking out about Yung Joc and "dress-gate." Take a trip down the rabbithole.

(AllHipHop Rumors) I know the 15 minutes that Yung Joc got out of that dress wearing situation Napoleon, of The Outlawz fame, has made a comment on the situation that has risen plenty eyebrows. “I'm glad I made it out of the music industry before the rise and appearance of these type of rappers smh, They couldn't even come outside around us dress like this, those in charge are pushing their agenda and most don't even know it.” He said. For those that don’t know Napoleon now goes by the name Mutah Beale and he is Muslim. Not that that matters…but we know him plenty from his time as one of Tupac’s Outlawz.

What do you say about this?

I think all of this is bigger than the music industry. There is a plot. And that plot is sinister.

So, here is the thing...Joc has been very vocal about how he's "not with that gay sh-t" in the past. Peep his words:

“Let me tell you one thing Karlie. I play a little bit. But, I don’t play no games on no gay sh-t and all of that sucker sh-t. On my kids you ain’t never put your fingers in my a-s b-tch. Now put that on your daughter. Put it on your daughter life, put it on on your mama life. That what I thought. Can’t. B-tch don’t even play with me like that. I ain’t on no sucker sh-t no kinda way. I never said nothing about a n-gga d-ck. I said needle. If that’s where your mind wanted to go so what it’s all in fun and laughs. Don’t come at me with no hoe sh-t. Take it for what it is. What it is. It’s entertainment,” said Yung Joc.


Tell me what you think.

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Joc trying to get his internet mentions up so that he can keep getting put on these reality shows. But then again who am I to say. He might be a fun boy.


They are starting to feel comfortable letting it be known. Young thug. Young joc, ilovemakonnen, chance the rappers Brother. Father's STAY in your sons life.