Is Yung Joc Cross-Dressing Now?!


Yung Joc is always with the stunts, but this latest stunt may have put him on the side-eye list with Young Thug!

(AllHipHop Rumors) What's really going on in these Hip Hop streets?!

It was one thing when Yung Joc permed his hair for a nice Fantasia-inspired cut [jokes], but now the rapper-turned-reality star has been spotted in a blue gown with a bedazzled collar.

I guess Joc was strutting his stuff somewhere in these streets! Well Stevie J was spotted beside him, so it could be for Love & Hip Hop, and perhaps for a terrible bet that went bad.

Joc explained that he knew the dress would come with some backlash.

"I knew the type of backlash that would come from this sh-t. But let me address one or two things real quick. For those of you so quick to call on the illuminati and say I sold my soul. Tell me how I sold my soul. I f-cked around. Sh-t had to happen in a certain situation. I had to man up, put on a f-cking dress. Guess what, it's just a thread. Something a man made.....All I'ma say is quit being so judgmental," said Joc.

He also said,

"News flash. Yall probably wondering what the hell Joc got the hell going on......It's called internet manipulation. This is going to be one of the craziest times ever in my life or career when it comes to the internet. Am I going to take full advantage of it, or will I be silent? I will not be silent, and yes I will take full advantage of it. At this point in my life, you must watch. I'm currently on 4 television shows on VH1."

Well some actors have put on dresses before. Joc isn't an actor, but maybe it was just for a skit. What are your thoughts?

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I will do the same joc for 5 mill cuz we Gs and we known to bring the game to its knees and then take a trip and feel a tropic breeze