Issa Catfish! Man Suing Cardi B Over Mixtape Cover Is A Fraud!


Wait a minute! Can the real Cari B 'Gangsta B-tch Music Vol. 1' model please stand up?!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Somebody's lying! Apparently people will do anything for a check and a come up!

While Cardi B is enjoying the success of her hit record, we all should've known it would only be a matter of time before someone tried to take her down!

According to TMZ, the man who appears to being going down on Cardi on her 'Gangsta B-tch Music Vol. 1' mixtape cover is suing the rapper for $5 Million. A man named Kevin Brophy claims that the image is 100% him and he found out about it after a friend brought it to his attention.

The man is upset because he claims that he never posed for the photo, or even signed off to have his likeness displayed in a sexual manner.

It sounds like the man is a complete catfish and total fraud as another man has taken to social media to clear the air by claiming that the man shown is actually him. @The6atsix even dropped receipts of him and Cardi together for the shoot to prove that it was him.

"Whoever this f-ckin bum a-s "Kevin Brophy" is needs to find another way to finesse food for his kids. F-ckin lame a-s n-gga. @iamcardib iunno if this sh-t is real but it's all over the f-ckin internet right now. Tag Cardi, tag TMZ, tag Worldstar. This n-gga a FRAUD n I'm not sue'n cardi for sh-t. Lesson learned??? DONT TRY TO SUE PEOPLE WHEN YOU DONT KNOW WA GWAN! #N-ggaTriedToFinesse #HeFailed," he posted.

Apparently Brophy is even saying that it became and even more awkward moment for him when his young son asked him what he was doing in the picture.

Brophy is saying he knows it's him because of the distinct tattoo that is shown that he claims to have had for 10 years.

Now it looks like this man is obviously lying, or these two men have very similar tattoos, if not the exact same ones. What are your thoughts? Who do you believe?


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