Issa Hookup? Is Dave East Helping Blac Chyna With Music Or Something Else?


It looks like the finesse Queen Blac Chyna is working on her next victim, or maybe she just really wants to make music.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Run Dave!

Dave East better not get involved with Blac Chyna The Scammer! Lol. While I don't believe East will let her get him like she got Rob Kardashian, you just never know because Chyna is good with the schemes!

Anyway Dave East & Blac Chyna were on an LA bound flight chopping up. As you can imagine folks weren't too kind on social media. People commented on the fact that Chyna is probably trying to scheme on Dave and that she appeared to be extremely fidgety in the video like she may be on something.

Dave jokingly said that Blac Chyna was his new artist, so maybe Chyna is going to try to get Dave to help her or collaborate with her on some of her music.

I don't think Dave should do that either. Now Chyna could completely align with some of these mumble rappers and we wouldn't care.

Word on the curb is that some record labels have considered giving Chyna a record deal. Joe Budden and Yung Berg have seemed to be hyping up Chyna's music.

I wonder if Dave is just smashing or gonna smash. Well I wouldn't recommend that either Dave. RUN!!!

Do you think Chyna can crank out a hit?

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