Issa Mess! 23 Savage Drops A Diss & Webbie Is Fed Up



(AllHipHop Rumors) It looks like we aren't the only ones fed up with all of these "Savages"!


Webbie has let it be known that he is NOT here for the fact that everyone is now claiming that they are savages.

If you thought the beef between 21 & 22 Savage was too much, check out this 23 Savage cat.

A 22 Savage emerged out of nowhere last year basically blasting 21 Savage. The "rapper" not only bit his name and style, but he basically mocks the rapper's complete persona.

Issa mess! Now the rapper comedian just may have met his match as a Youtuber known as The Diss Rapper has taken on a new moniker with, 23 Savage.

23 has now released a diss track aimed at 22 called "Ain't No 22." The video already has close to a million hits as it quickly went viral.

23 Savage hops on 22's beat as he picks up a semi-automatic pistol.

"You think he got acne way his face is full of red dots," raps 23.

This video is a tragedy especially with the friend throwing up gang signs throughout.

I'm patiently waiting for the other two Savages to respond to their new clone. I mean hell all of the Savages should just get together and form a super group, or the better idea would be for all of them to disappear.

Meanwhile, Webbie doesn't believe everyone should be able to call themselves savages especially since he put in work for that title.

"Everybody a Savage now.. a n-gga had to earn dem stripes. #DaDumway," tweeted Webbie.

Today's Hip Hop keeps getting more and more depressing I swear!

In your opinion, what does it take to be considered a savage?