It Is Not Smart To Threaten Boosie's Son! You Ain't Gon' Make It!


Rapper makes threats and then ends up dead af.

(AllHipHop Rumors) You know, there's smart and there is DUMB. Now, I don't want to speak ill of the dead and I don't want to make assumptions. But, this is what happened I am hearing. Man gets on IG live with no respect for Boosie Badazz and makes the dastardly move of threatening Boosie's son. A week later the man, who is also a rapper, is found dead.

You canNOT do these things people! Folks, I am not saying Boosie did it, but even Karma can come at you fast if you do wild stuff like that! Louisiana ain't for play.

In the video, Boosie said some things that some suggested...well nevermind. This ain't Vlad! LOL! Look at the video.

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They say he overdosed