It Looks Like Meek Mill MAY BE Getting Out!

Is Meek Mill getting out of jail or is this just another case of fake news? We'll see soon!

(AllHipHop Rumors) I can't call it for certain, but it sure looks like Meek Mill is getting out of jail MONDAY. That's a very specific day. Now we are in the era of meme information and fake news so I am not certain. I know just a week or so ago, a seemingly biased judge slammed Meek, stating the rapper would need to serve his whole bid. But people started to circulate this around as if it was fact.

Somehow, I am gonna say this isn't completely credible. T.I. even shared it, but that does not make it any more credible! Meek has turned into this polarizing figure. I am not sure about it all. I know there are a lot of kids out here suffering in jail. Hopefully the Pats owner takes time to visit them as well.