It's Not Easy Being Azealia Banks


Azealia Banks’ new documentary aims to shed light on her mental illness

By Ne’ Richa

(AllHipHop Rumors) The saga known as Azealia Banks is still fighting the good fight, and now appears to have a new game-plan in motion to tidy up her image and maybe earn back a few fans she’s lost due to her unstable personality and flagrant taunting.

Alongside Complex and Well Being Trust, Banks signed on to appear in a new documentary entitled, “It Isn’t Easy Being Azealia Banks”, which chronicles a “day in the life” of the young rapper.

She’s been very public in the past about her struggles with mental health, and her bipolar disorder diagnosis.

Her erratic, defensive, and confrontational reputation has made it hard for us to imagine that she will be able to re-cross certain professional “bridges” she may have burned.

What’s worse is the fact that her outbursts will forever be accessible by Google search, which hinders her efforts to shake her past that much more.

But, that’s what the documentary aims to address.

By allowing Banks to emote on camera, one would hope that audiences can come to understand the balancing act that many with mental illness have to continually teeter on daily. Here’s wishing her success and inner peace on her journey.

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My ex had a borderline personality disorder, the cunty sister of bi-polar.. Biggest problem these people have is, it doesn’t matter how much love you show them, they’ll always cunt you, ruin everything you try and shit directly on your efforts. Azalea has my pity but that’s about it.. I know better than to expect anything but horrible & toxic behaviour.