J. Cole Doesn't Want Cardi B. To Pressure Herself To Hit No.1 Again

The North Carolina vet gave the Bronx newcomer some solid advice about making new music.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Cardi B finally got a chance to meet one of her Hip Hop peer admirers!

Cardi is no J. Cole, but it's dope to see that J. Cole rocks with Cardi, and he's a fan of her and her movement.

J. Cole gave Cardi some solid advice that she promised to take heed to.

Cole advised Cardi to get out of her own head, and just try to make good music without putting so much pressure on herself to make another No. 1 hit.

"Nobody don't hit No. 1. Don't try to do it twice. F-ck that. JAY-Z's first No. 1 record was, what, three years ago? The 'New York' record. JAY-Z been poppin' since '96. The n-gga just got his first No. 1," said J. Cole.

J. Cole also addressed her recent Breakfast Club interview again as he said,

"I already know. When I seen the interview, I'm like, 'Yo, she in her own head.' Like. you might like some sh-t, but then you start overthinking it."

In September, J. Cole broke one of his many social media hiatuses to address Colin Kaepernick's movement but also to give Cardi some similar advice.

"Cardi b I seen your breakfast club interview, loved it. Don't put all that pressure on your album. You already won. Just drop & repeat," said Cole.

Despite the advice, Cardi said she still wanted to take her time to make sure that it was "right", but I do believe that she will find a way to apply J. Cole's advice to her journey also!

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