J. Cole's Homie JID Claps Back Perfectly At Tory Lanez

Don Q is back and JID also takes time to address Tory Lanz...but J. Cole is the big fish.

(AllHipHop Rumors) I guess the Tekashi Technique is what people are going with in 2019. Tekkie may be locked up, but his legacy lives on and on and on. Tory Lanez has managed to stay in the media cycle in a way that he's never done off of pure music. I think everybody agrees son is nice when he is rapping, but he's going to the next level in pursuit of his respect. He wants to go bar for bar with anybody.

So, I guess he wants to battle J. Cole. First of all, Cole World ain't no battle rapper dude. Secondly, he's an OG at this point. He's not battling. So, Tory said he would battle the whole Dreamville crew to get to J. Cole. He makes it sound like a video game and Cole is the final, epic battle. LOL!

Anyway, check out what JID said...too funny!

Here is the beginning of this nonsense.

On another note, Don Q invited Tory Lanez to his genitals at the beginning of his latest diss, "Is This Your King?" and he uses the Mobb Deep "Burn" beat to get his point across.

Not bad at all.

Nevertheless, this is such a clear PROMO /TROLLING/ CLOUT CHASING maneuver....I don't know what to say.

Cole high in the sky like:

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When JID gets involved I'll start to pay attention. Cuz I'm not paying attention to any of this. But j i d can rap.