J Prince Has Harsh Words For A Drugpin Talking Reckless about Rap-a-Lot

Houston’s J. Prince recently checked an ex-drug dealer after spreading around inaccurate claims..

By: Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) Houston’s J. Prince is one of the most respected men in Hip-Hop.

Not only is he a brilliant business mind, but also a respected community leader. Recently, Prince released his book “The Art & Science of Respect.”

The book is a memoir written by Prince, the head of independent record label Rap-A-Lot Records.

Former drug dealer Johnny Binder Jr is known as being one of the most infamous in Houston. Recently he spoke on a local Houston podcast about being the "biggest J" in Houston and J Prince being the "little J."

J. Prince would later call the podcast, "What They Talkin'Bout" and clear up the claims made by Binder Jr.

“When I hear a man sitting his rotten ass on this leather, telling all these big bold lies about my name .. and the city? Yeah I gotta come and talk about that. I don’t want the city to be following no lie. We got too much going on and we aren’t them kind of people to allow bootleg con men and bootleg pimps to try and distort our history any kind of way.,” said J. Prince. He continued, “Never did me and him work in any capacity. This is a dude I saw a few times in the streets, I shook his hand. But as far as him calling me a friend? He don’t know where I live, he ain’t never been to my house. He don’t know none of my intimate friends so, this dude is a pathological liar.

So when he make a statement like, “Rap-A-Lot wouldn’t have existed because of him” then, that’s a joke. A straight up joke. I heard this man say he flew me and my friend California Kevin (Kevin Allen) to meet Kurtis Blow. And I spoke to Kevin about this lie and he told me, 'This man ain’t never flown me no where in my life.' I became a millionaire in the streets before music. [Binder] wasn’t nowhere near that in the streets. That which he’s trying to portray, as the biggest dealer in Texas … is why all the s##t that’s happened to him has happened. He was always this clown who liked to draw unnecessary attention to him. He’d get all these fancy charges drawn on him. I know his whole M.O. The dude was just a rock house seller. That limo he had? He slept in it. I had to get out of it cause of the odor.”

Wow! Now that’s some food for thought coming from J. Prince.

To hear a person of his statue coming out to clear his name is surprising, but I guess that’s part of the art & science of respect.

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