J. Prince Issues Birdman A Very, VERY Stern Warning

AllHipHop Staff

Birdman sat down to talk about his future, but there’s one person who hasn’t forgotten his past.

By Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) Birdman has been making headlines for various reasons to start 2018. Some of the reasons have been good and others have been not so good.

The 2018 headline season was started by pictures surfacing of Birdman and two of Rap's hottest new rappers. Those rappers would be Youngboy Never Broke Again and 6ix9ine.

A collaboration with Youngboy Never Broke Again would be released soon after. The extent of the relationship with 6ix9ine is still not known.Birdman would then enter headlines again after making a Super Bowl wager with Ar-Ab.

The Philly rapper would win the wager and would be paid as promised following the gamble. The Cash Money Records boss recently made headlines again after releasing his long-awaited documentary via Apple Music.

"Before Anythang" was released last Friday on Apple Music and is the first part of a three-part series that will be released. Now Birdman is making headlines again for two different reasons.

The first reason is his confirmation of his engagement to singer Toni Braxton.

"We not married … as of yet. That’s my girl, my friend, my family. That’s my love, my soldier, my life. She my everything … She my life. I love her to death.," said Birdman.

It's good to see Birdman in a happy place in his life, but everybody isn't as happy for Birdman.

Rap-A-Lot Records boss J. Prince recently left Birdman a message expressing his feelings about the mogul via Instagram.


“I always had respect for the two brothers Ronald and Bryan Williams hustle because anyone who is successful in this music business earns the respect. I’m glad to have been an inspiration to them, but you witnessed the words that came out of his mouth. And I quote, 'His family is my family.' You gotta understand thats where Drake come into play. That came from J. Nobody knows that.," said J. Prince.

He continued:

"The J that really deserves that RESPECT and to be PAID is my son @Jas.Prince he discovered @ChampagnePapi. I’ve never been a man to use the word "Family" loosely because I believe life and death is in the power of the tongue. I also walk in great respect for the universal laws, one being cause and effect, simply meaning you reap what you sow. With that being said, I say to this man they call "@Birdman5star" don’t forget you have children and I know you wouldn't want them to reap the seeds you have sewn by doing bad business. This is the truth raw and uncut. This is how you earn "Respect" on your name."

It's safe to say that J. Prince wants Birdman to know that you have to show respect to be respected. Hopefully, 2018 will see an end to both the Prince/Birdman and Lil Wayne/Cash Money sagas.

It's definitely about that time.

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He just telling him. You wouldn't want someone to fraud out your child. Don't do that to other people. Really. its wack that people make so much money just bringing someone to the table for a company. That's ridiculous. That money comes out of Drakes cut.


This is scary.


"With that being said, I say to this man they call "@Birdman5star" don’t forget you have children and I know you wouldn't want them to reap the seeds you have sewn by doing bad business."