Ja Rule And Irv Gotti Get Into Scrap, 50 Cent Immediately Chimes In!

50 Cent vs Ja Rule Part 3 million!! Check out how it all popped off...AGAIN!

(AllHipHop Rumors) I cannot imagine every move or mess up that happens to me, having 50 Cent says something to his millions and millions of followers! That would annoy me so much. Well, it also annoys Ja Rule. So, this is what happened. Our favorite Hip-Hop spot SOBs in New York was having an event last night, which I believe was a Hot 97 event. For some reason, Ja and Irv were not allowed inside the legendary night club and got into a shoving/pushing/fight with somebody.

Well, all HALE breaks loose outside. Just take a look at the video:

First of all, or thirdly, shout out to SOBs security! They held AllHipHop down many times and have always been good to us!

I am not sure why they were fighting or what would get Ja in such a frenzy, but it didn't get past 50 Cent, who was in Saudi Arabia with a box of popcorn.

And of course, Ja Rule responded after saying he never would. But, he decided to call 50 Cent a rat and post paperwork from the police to punctuate his point!

Man, I wish these dudes would just square up or shoot it out! This is never-ending!!!! And exhausting for the fans! Some fans I saw on Ja's page were pleading for them not to take the bait 50 Cent has laid out for them. I hope they can ascend to that next level beyond the trolling and 25 year old beefs! These beefs are older than the youth in Hip-Hop!

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Hey, lets report on "beef" thats 20 years old cuz I'm sure everyone really fucking cares about it. Keep up the great posts illseed.