Ja Rule Barks At Black People Over Popeye's Stabbing & The Internet Didn't Lose AGAIN!


The Internet is undefeated and Ja Rule walked right into a roaster with the new Popeye's situation.

(AllHipHop Rumors) I am scared the of internet! I am glad that I am a nobody! Ja Rule is not a nobody! He is an icon that continues to captivate people in a way that few can. So, the one and only decides to comment on the Popeye's chicken fiasco. What's the fiasco? Well, somebody in Maryland was fatally stabbed while waiting in line at Popeye's for a chicken sandwich. Now, Popeye's ain't taking the rap for this crap! And I am praying they ain't Black! But I think they are! 

The Cops:

"We have been able to determine, preliminarily, that this is related to the release of the sandwich here at this restaurant... this individual was in line specifically for the sale of the sandwich when another customer and he got into an altercation and that ended with the victim being stabbed outside of the businessPGPD." - Director of Media Relations Jennifer Donelan 


"We do not yet know whether this was the result of a dispute over one of our products or something unrelated, but there is no reason for someone to lose their life on a Monday night in a parking lot. Our thoughts are with the victim's family and friends and we are fully cooperating with local authorities."

Basically, somebody got stabbed for butting in line for a freakin' chicken sandwich! 

So, Ja Rule decided to offer his commentary, which wasn't so bad! PEEP!

Anyway, this seems like a sensible and reasonable comment on something tragic, avoidable and stupid! Well, Ja Rule has a storied history in the game of music and therefore...THE INTERNETS. 

Screenshot 2019-11-05 at 11.27.51 PM

And they did not stop there. Some of this was uncalled for! Why are they so mean?!

Who hurt yall!?

Ja Rule didn't even get convicted of anything! It was the white dude Billy! Billy is in jail today, but Ja is in the world of the free, because he didn't do anything! 

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I'm with Jarule a 100% and why niggas act like a man can't grow up or evolve?So what he was on a label called Murder Inc..