Ja-Rule Get Some Of Jenny's Lovin??

According to our sources, J-Lo is pregnant and

there is speculation about who the baby daddy is. Now from what our people are

tellin us, when Ja-Rule was overseas performing for the troops, he allegedly

made an off color comment about J-Lo during his perfomance. Ja supposedly said

"Jennifer Lopez is terrific in bed…she's really wild…" More

recently, Ja didn't attend the Grammy's with Jenny, because her hubby Cris didn't

want the press asking a million questions and Cris aint really feeling Ja-Rule

right about now. Now that J-Lo is 3 months coming, inquiring minds want to know...is

she carrying Ja's seed?? Jennifer is allegedly denying the whole thing, saying

Ja-Rule is just mouthing off to act like he got a piece of her star! Seems like

he got more than a piece of her star!

-allhiphop rumors