Ja Rule Has A Tough Outing At NBA Halftime Show! Allegedly Planning Fyre Fest 2!

Ja Rule has a big win on his mind, but it may just be too soon for what he has planned.

(AllHipHop Rumors) I am thinking that Ja Rule is moving too fast right now. I think he should lay low. First of all, he is allegedly planning Fyre Festival 2 already! Now, we have heard and seen that he is looking to do this, but I think it is a bad idea. That whole name is stained beyond belief.

Then, he went to the mid-west for an performance at the NBA halftime show of the Bucks and the Timberwolves on Saturday night.

What made matters worse were the players warming up as he is trying to perform! Utter disrespect!

He has a perfectly good explanation of what happened, by the way.

And then the Timberwolves trolled the sh#t out of Ja!

And, Ja Rule is a 90's artist. We rap heads remember the real beginnings of Ja.

Cash Money Click emerged around 93....check this.

Hip-Hop heads like me can't be told...we know!


Simone Grant
Simone Grant

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