Ja Rule Is Isn't Going To Like This Documentary!

A documentary on the Fyre Festival is going to shake things up...just like before.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Remember the Fyre Festival? It had so much potential! Rapper Ja Rule was a major draw from so many people. And then they added A-List stars. And then they added Kardashians! And they added....that it was on a remote island in The Bahamas. And then they had rich, white people out there with...like cheese sandwiches. It was CRAZY!! Remember? No? Well, if you don't remember, there is a documentary that is going to expose all of it. PEEP!

Now, this is no hate to Ja Rule. The headlines is a bit of a misnomer. Believe it or not, we were a small part of this whole thing. That's right, AllHipHop sponsored an event that was on the grown in Nassau, The Bahamas. Ja Rule and Ashanti did some good will and performed at a concert for hurricane relief. The Bahamian people had been hit pretty hard and they were there to support the cause. They also laid down the ground work, which would eventually be the Fyre Festival. The festival would come after, in a few short months.

Here's some of the action. Definitely gotta salute Ja for trying to do the right thing and he avoided all persecution. Unfortunately, his homie Billy McFarland did not.