Jay Electronica Disappears From Social Media After Eminem Diss

Jay Electronica went at Eminem in the name of Diddy and seemingly got forced off social media.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Jay Electronica called out Eminem for saying that Diddy was the one that put the murderous hit on Tupac Shakur. The Eminem diss of MGK called "Killshot" had some collateral damage and Diddy was one of those hit with a stray. He's also the one that signed MGK so maybe it was not so stray. Anyway, Jay-E jumped into it saying, "How dare you accuse Diddy of killing Tupac while you completely look pass Jimmy Iovine and those who profited from his death the MOST. You best tread carefully, Son, before I come tear your ivory tower down like Sulaiman done the Templar Knights." Jay is mob deep on all fronts: from the Nation of Islam to allegedly The Rothchild family. This all means that Eminem can get touched like anybody else. But, there was a reversal of fortune. Jay-E bounces from social media! He just vamoosed!!!! Were the Stans too much on his timeline?

I guess we just have to wait and see.

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Jay E jumps in on things that he isn't involved in too much, then "disappears" MYOB Royce probably scared him off