Jay Electronica: "Eminem Is The Chess Piece For Satan"

Is there a connection between Eminem, Diddy, Jay Electronica and...a deeper conspiracy?

(AllHipHop Rumors) This Jay Electronica / Eminem / Diddy thing might have some serious legs on it!! OK, lets take a trip back in time to an era far, far gone. Remember when Eminem and The Source magazine's Benzino were beefing almost on a daily basis? It probably was more like a month to month basis back then, but it was very intense. Zino was not really touching Eminem with the bars, but the Boston Bully was getting creative. He did a mini-video of him being interrogated by the "feds" and one of the dudes that played the feds was none other than Jay Elect. Now, while Jay Electronica was playing a role, he seemed to speak from the heart when it dealt with Eminem. This is worth your time.

Now, this is OLD (2003). Be very clear, but it is also what I would consider a time capsule piece. He speaks on the forces that be wanting to control the masses through Hip-Hop and that Em is a part of that whole thing. It may sound crazy....or does it!?

Today Bizarre mentioned in passing that Jay Electronica sold a tape to The Source. That tape had a song "Foolish Pride" on it. On this song, Eminem raps about Black people, specifically Black women, in the worst way. He raps:

Now it was next week and she was back again

Wanting to kiss a white kid

So she was my girlfriend, we started going out

But that's okay because we were Black and white

Blacks and whites they sometimes mix

But Black girls only want your money cause they're dumb chicks

So I'ma say like this

Don't date a Black girl, take it as a diss

If you want, but if you don't

I'ma tell you like this, I surely won't

Never date a Black girl because Blacks only want your money

And that shit ain't funny

Eminem has since apologized for the song, which was apparently recorded in 1988. This all begs the question: What is really going on? Yes, MGK is signed to Diddy. but nobody is even thinking about it like that. Jay-E is definitely Nation of Islam and down with Diddy even though he never signed. Eminem has consistently rapped about selling his soul and does it again on the new song with Joyner Lucas. Help me out! What does it all mean?!

By the way, here is that song Bizarre did where he disses Jay Elect and Joe Budden.

At this point, I'd like to see a battle with Eminem and Jay-E.

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Jay might drop a album and save hip-hop !!


JE died out so he is looking for exposure. he should mind his own business


He calls Em Satan’s chess piece but his girlfriend is a Rothschild. Can’t get anymore Satan than that.


Dam that jay e skit was/is powerful and relevant now more than ever