Jay Electronica Fans May Not See An Album From Him Until Erykah Badu Says It's Time


Well Jay Electronica fans, there may be a hold on any forthcoming JE albums. The mother of Jay Electronica's daughter, the one and only Erykah Badu, doesn't think he needs to make an album. She feels that he's not one of the people that has to, and regardless, he's an amazing emcee. Erykah said he brings out the best of people. Jay Z is probably not trying to hear it. Erykah feels his 'Eternal Sunshine' can hold people over until 2029 because she still hasn't heard anything as good as it. Badu believes she still can't match that mixtape. Eryah also said that Jay will make an album when she says he can make an album. Well! Does Erykah have it like that? She's been "known" to turn a few rappers out, and she stated that her and Jay are still best friends. We might just have to wait until Erykah green lights any project.