Jay Z And Beyonce Planning New Baby?

Baby Makes 4?

I ain’t heard this sort of rumor for a minute! But here we are and there are some dots connecting. Jay and B were moving to Los Angeles. If memory serves me correctly, they got a home and enrolled little Blue Ivy in a school. Suddenly, they have reportedly jetted to live in New Orleans, of all places. Why? Sources say they are looking to have another kid. “They are looking for a place to raise baby Blue and extend the family. LA was not for them and New York is too difficult. Jay once spoke with Brad Pitt who told him New Orleans was the best city for families (although Brad and Angie just sold their New Orleans home) Plus, they already have family in the area,” somebody told Naughty Gossip.

Now, what they didn’t mention is that Solange also lives there in New Orleans with her hubby and lil man. It appears to be a family affair, eh?