Jay-Z's Old Friend Dehaven Is Back - and MAD!

Dehaven is back and he’s not letting anything ride like his name was O-Dog. On here, Dehaven gets more and more personal with his vendetta against Jay-Z, Ty-Ty, Dame Dash and everybody. On the low, somebody might want to cut a check, because he made a thinly veiled reference to a rumor about Big Pun and Fat Joe. I hope nobody comes back on me with youtube. Maybe somebody should have just paid the dude a visit! Well at least Dehaven got a clothing sponsor. Anyway, see the video below, because Dehaven is really upset. There’s a lil’ monologue at the bottom that really gets on a different page in terms of realness. Along with that dialogue they flash old pictures that really offers more depth to the relationship they once had. In all reality, this is kind of sad…