Jeezy Explains Why He's Fine With T.I. Taking Credit For Trap Music

Jeezy shares his feelings about being associated with Trap Music.

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Jeezy has been making his press rounds to promote his new album 'Pressure' that drops this Friday 12/15.

During his stop at Complex's 'Everyday Struggle', Jeezy talked about having longevity, how he picked his features for 'Pressure', his career perception, shifting and changing the culture and more.

Because Jeezy is a rapper known to be associated with the trap rap lane of Hip Hop Ak and Joe had to ask him who truly started trap music.

T.I. has taken credit for being the originator, and Jeezy says that's fine, and he and anyone else that wants it can have it.

Jeezy also says that it's no disrespect to the people that are out grinding, but he wants to show his people that there is a bigger and better way to make it out of their circumstances.

While he doesn't forget where he's come from, he doesn't want to be associated with that, and he spent so much time trying to get away from the crazy and terrible experiences that came from the trap.

Jeezy said he's a King and he doesn't even want the trap connected to him because he spent his entire life trying to get out of the trap.

The Atlanta rapper says that he even gets offended when people associate him with trap music because he feels like their reducing his worth.

Young also let it be known that he selected Kendrick Lamar as one of the features on his new album because he knows how to put together a project sonically, and he says that this may be one of J. Cole's best verses to date also.

Check out the interview!

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