Jhene Aiko Finally Ends The Booty Talk In BBC Interview!

Jhene Aiko recently sat down with BBC Radio 1Xtra and offered new insight into her personal life!

By: Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) R&B songstress Jhene Aiko is making waves after an interview overseas. Jhene finished 2017 on a high note and 2018 is looking bright for the singer.

Jhene Aiko, who is on a press run, was free with her answers during an interview while visiting BBC’s Radio 1Xtra.

She even spoke about her famous “eat the booty like groceries” lyric from the song "Post To Be."

When asked about the infamous lyric she offered the following explanation for her saying it. She also touched on whether she enjoyed the activity or not.

“It it rhymed with ‘Post To Be. At the time Kevin Gates… It was a viral thing where he said, ‘yo post to eat the booty.’ So I was like, oh we should say something about eating the booty because the song is called ‘Post To Be.’ So I thought it was really funny, but now everyone thinks I like my butt ate,” said Jhene.

“It happened once to me a long time ago. It’s a very odd feeling. It kind of makes you kind of want to go to the bathroom, which is weird. And that’s not how you want to feel when you’re being intimate. It’s like wet butt… If someone was trying to go there I would be like no. I don’t like butt play,” she continued.

Well all that seems like entirely touch much information to divulge, but yet here we are. You gotta respect and love Jhene Aiko for being such a free spirit.