Jhene Aiko Is A Damn Crip?


If you didn't know, Jhene Aiko is about that Crip Life.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Is Jhene Aiko a Rollin 60s Crip? I have to admit I thought I knew something about Ms. Aiko! I now realize I know nothing! She is way more than a pretty faced singer that dates Big Sean. I have come to realize that the petite West Coast songstress of Japanese descent is not what I thought she was. Jhene is closely affiliated with The Rollin 60s! And in her latest video, which is pretty dope, she flaunts that link very, very clearly. Kurupt Young Gotti is even in the video, supporting his homegirl.

But, when you look, you see it flashes a number of notables like Nipsey Hussel and others that I don't recognize. I know they are notable because they are in the damn video. In the song, J. Aiko is singing to a male and basically tells him, he's about to die.

Oh boy, I'ma have to call them boys on you
Aw damn, aw damn, I'ma have to call that man on you
Something, something, something must be really wrong with you
Why can you just tell the fuckin' truth now?
Yes your mama did, she raised a fool, wow
What the fuck did you learn in that school house?
To chasin' thrills, takin' pills in the hills
Slauson Hills, Overhills might get you killed
And I won't come 'round them parts no more
Do not run your mouth no more
I can't protect you no more
It's out of my hands for sure

Will she be beefing with Cardi Blood? Of course not. But, it certainly adds a different texture to an entertainer than seems delicate as a flower. I suppose I wasn't listening to her close enough, because she has apparently been dropping these "bread crumbs" for a minute now. I just didn't see them.

Big Sean...watch ya back, boy.

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Y’all do know she from LA right? I think you all are over thinking this. It’s not uncommon for a pretty good girl to be affiliated with a gang out here. But her brother is from 60’s, so she automatically affiliated without putting in no work. They will let her piggy back off his gangsta whenever she wants to. Nia Long, Regina King and Lauren London are all from her same area and are all gang affiliated and all that means is they may not be a gangster but they sure can call one up if they need to. That’s all she saying... her brother, homeboys and etc are from 60’s and where ever else, so she automatically accepted. Make her mad, than you make them mad. That’s Common sense around the world not just LA. Her peeps just happen to be Crips and I’m sure she got some blood homeboys too.



That. Part.


Gang mess wack as fudge.

Jynx Kharma
Jynx Kharma

Wait, hold up! What?!