Jhene Aiko’s Estranged Producer Husband Is Coming For Her Coins!


We wonder what Jhene Aiko’s bank account is looking like, because her estranged husband is coming for that azz.

by ClassicOne

(AllHipHop Rumors) Jhene Aiko’s “relationship” with producer Dot Da Genius was so short-lived that it was pretty much hard to believe that is was ever real! Home-wreckin’ Big Sean slid right up in there with some new music and some new D!.

Well apparently this relationship and marriage was very real as producer Dot Da Genius, aka Oladipo Omishore wants Aiko to pay him spousal support. He also wants the courts to block her from receiving any alimony from him! Say what now?!

BOSSIP has obtained documents that Dot filed in response to Aiko’s divorce filing. The former couple have both cited irreconcilable difference as the cause of their split.

Dot also wants the judge to explain all decisions as to who gets what in their messy divorce. While this is fair, I don’t think Aiko should have to pay for his lawyer fees like he wants her to! Aiko is certainly trying to deny Dot any spousal support.

Let this be a lesson kids: stop rushing stuff, and be careful who you decide to marry.