Jhene Aiko Shoots Her Heartfelt Shot To Big Sean In The Name Of Nipsey

Jhene Aiko seems to make a plead to get Big Sean back!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Mayne! Big Sean better stop playing and get him some of that Jhene Aiko lovin! I like that chick a lot. A few years ago, I realized just how West Coast she was...and I respect it. I think it was through Nip that I realized this too. Anyway, she had a long standing relationship with Big Sean, a G in his own right, but they broke up late last year. I thought they were going to make it. Anyway, it was kind of messy, because unconfirmed rumors showed that he was dating Ariana Grande again, after they been broke up. This ALLEGEDLY had Jhene suicidal or deep into her feelings so much that she posted some IG images that had us all concerned.

In the wake of Nipsey's death, she has decided to shoot her MF'n shot! Go, Jhene!

Some people tried to say she should just DM or text him, but nah! Say that! Nobody's saying nothing to Diddy with his million Kim Porter posts! Do what you gotta, Ms. Aiko!