Jhonni Blaze Apologizes To Drake For Putting Their Smash Sessions On Blast!


That Jhonni Blaze is something else! It's still hard to believe Drake hit it, but he is rumored to love strippers and former ones.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Former Love & Hip Hop cast member and singer Jhonni Blaze stopped by TMZ's Raq Rants to talk to Raquel about her current life, music, and more.

While reflecting on the past days of her trying to put Drake on blast, Jhonni took time out to aplogize to Drake as she said that he's a nice person that she respected.

Raquel asked her was the sex great, but this time around Jhonni decided to keep quiet and not answer the question.

Jhonni apologized for acting out on Drake and trying to air him out back in the day. She says that while she doesn't have any regrets, she still feels that she shouldn't have done what she did to Drake.

She also hates the fact that she messed up her relationship with Drake because she claims he wanted to help her with her artistry early on. Jhonni blames her blasting drake on her being young and immature in the Kat Stacks "blasting era".

It's great to see that Jhonni has evolved, quit her drug use, and is a more positive person, but I will forever gasp at the fact that she says that Drake [allegedly] smashed her RAW! Bruh!

Check out the interview below!

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the TLDR is Drake I fucked up. I'm kicking myself in the foot because if we did a song together it would of been a hit, and I wouldnt be fucking with clown ass niggaz like xyz .