Jim Jones And 50 Cent Start Beefing In A Most Unusual Way

50 Cent and Jim Jones compare the size of their guns. :)

AllHipHop Rumors) AllHipHop loves a good beef. Don’t we all? Well, where do we go with beef? There’s all this bad beef going on. Gangs and career killers. What about the good beef? Jim Jones and 50 Cent are embroiled in a good beef. 50 Cent posted a picture of himself working out and Jim Jones pounced! At first, I thought it was some sort of real beef, but it turned out to be something we all should take on. For the record, Jim Jones has been checking 50 Cent for quite some times on this gym stuff. Now, they call him "Gym Jones." Its that real.

This is beef in 2018…the good kind.

they both movin light weights

Who can take the most steriods and get bigger lol?