Jim Jones Doesn't Think The Cam'ron & Mase Beef Will Escalate

Jim Jones weighs in on Mase Vs. Cam'ron.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Jim Jones seems pretty calm and level-headed while weighing in on the Mase and Cam'ron beef.

As you know Jones and Cam's relationship has been plagued with years of brotherly beef, so it was no telling what Jim's reaction to the situation would be.

Jim recently sat down with Hot 97 where he shared his thoughts on the Hip Hop beef.

According to Jim Jones, he understands why Mase dropped the Cam diss, but he also has expressed that he doesn't see the situation escalating.

"That was the answer in itself if Mase said he's been getting bullied for 15 years. Then that's some sh-t he gotta deal with himself. He told the whole story himself. "Like I've been getting bullied." If you get bullied you lash out sometimes. I don't get involved with that type..It's not gonna lead nowhere. Mase is a pastor, he's a rapper, he's a pastor. Cam is my brother. I know both of them personally Cam is my man. I know the real stories. It's not to get into. It's not worth nothing. None of us is lit like that out here like that to be beefing with each other or doing no rap battles. It's over. It was popping for a day and a half amongst the rap community 'cause people get bored on IG and things like that, and now it's over. If I was to jump in some bs like that for what, I'd just be looking crazy. It ain't worth nothing. It ain't gonna come to no blows. I don't see none of that happening," said Jim Jones.

Mase told Angie Martinez that if Cam keeps it up, it will end badly for him.

Do you see this situation escalating in the future?

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