Joe Budden & DJ Akademiks Respond To Nicki Minaj's "Motor Sport" Claims


Was Nicki Minaj telling the truth about how her verse on "Motor Sport" came about?

(AllHipHop Rumors) Nicki Minaj recently shut down all conspiracy theories including Joe Budden's, about how her collaboration, "Motor Sport", with Migos and Cardi B came about.

Nicki Minaj says that Quavo asked her to be on a song and asked her opinion about putting Cardi on the track.

Nicki says she was down for Cardi being on the song and said, "Let's do it."

The head Barb said that she always knows what's going on because she has to sign off on everything, so she definitely knew that Cardi would be on the track.

On an episode of Complex's 'Everyday Struggle', Joe Budden and DJ Akademiks expressed that they aren't buying the fact that Nicki claims that she was down for Cardi B being on the record. Joe believes that she had to be down because a member of the Migos was calling to get her blessing or "permission" to put another Migos' member's girlfriend on the track. They basically feel like Nicki had to approve it.

According to Joe, people are using Cardi B. Nicki's brand is huge, but she still needed that look. Joe says that if she wasn't going to "clear" the record with Cardi, then when was her record with Lil Uzi Vert going to get cleared and come out. Joe is not feeling celebrities like her trying to change the narratives with details missing and in a nice way.

As you know, Cardi is on Atlantic also.

I honestly feel that Cardi and Nicki Minaj aren't feeling each other, but they are just trying to make it seem like everything is cool.

Their body language, raps, and social media posts say otherwise. What are your thoughts?

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^ Seems legit


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Why people want them to beef so bad


Fuc going at it lyrically, i wanna to see a butt naked fight in chocolate syrup. I'll pay top dollar for that PPV.