Joe Budden Gets Called Out!

Did he get called out it something far, far more sinister!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Headlines can be the bane of my existence. I saw the headline, "Joe Budden Called Out By Chuck Creekmur" and I'm like...WTF! I didn't know what to make of it. So, I proceed to investigate to see exactly what is going on! Then I see that his is a pretty cool interview about something completely NOT about Joe Budden. However, at the end of the convo, The Hip-Hop Gamer, a well respected brother over at Hot 97, has a whole show devoted to Hip-Hop and gaming. In the show he covers a bunch of things. At the end of the show, he has a call out segment. Chuck Creekmur, who founded, decides to call out Joe Budden. Now, in the interview Chuck, known as "Jigsaw," explains that he and Joe know each other and that he even wrote Budden's first article way back in magazine form. So this ain't nothing "beef" related and the WHOLE HEADLINE IS "Joe Budden Called Out By Chuck Creekmur For Positive Debate On Culture." Just fun.

At any rate, the interview is good and Hip-Hop Gamer deserves a big salute for giving one of our own a spot on his platform. Salute!