Joe Budden Says Cyhi The Prynce Doesn’t Want Smoke, Cyhi Responds

The war of words between veteran rappers Joe Budden and Cyhi The Prynce continues as the battle nears.

(AllHipHop Rumors) The war of words between retired rapper Joe Budden and G.O.O.D Music emcee Cyhi The Prynce continues.

You know this battle is going to be a good one because Joe is slowly creeping out of his shell.

Back in October of 2018, Cyhi The Prynce offered to put up $500,000 to battle Budden on pay per view. Budden notably lost a battle back in 2014 after he battled rapper Hollow Da Don.

In August 2018, Joe would joke with the Breakfast Club's DJ Envy and Charlamagne Tha God about losing the battle. Apparently, he bet $1,000 on himself to win the battle against Hollow and loss the wager.

Crazy times, but this new battle may be the test of Budden's career as he claims he will end Cyhi's career.

“Hey, any of you rappers, it’s still Joe. Put the f##kin’ record out and say what you gotta say. Don’t talk about it my n##ga, I’m here. I’m not scared of none of these rappers!” said Budden on his latest podcast episode.

He continued, "When Joe gets some time and if he put a record out, that will be the end of him. Don’t get CyHi’s ass tore up.”

Joe also would state that he believes Cyhi The Prynce doesn't want any type of "smoke" with him at the moment. Cyhi would later respond to Budden after coming across a clip of the comments on Twitter.

"Soooo what?? Yall still talking about me on the show?? Hmmm 🤔and btw joe sound shook lol I already jumped off the porch so you say but ain’t nobody outside🤷🏽‍♂️ well I’m going back in the house he don’t want smoke, your co host don’t even believe you hahahaha cool promo tho thanks.," said Cyhi.

Who do you think will win this battle between two of Hip-Hop's veteran wordsmiths?

I'm not sure myself, but one thing I'm sure about is the battle will be entertaining to watch.

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Joe looking fodr any way back on the mic. lol