Joe Budden Says Terry Crews Wanted Sexual Assault!?!


Joe Budden doesn't believe in "Me Too" for big, Black men like Terry Crews.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Terry Crews is not really well-liked right now. I feel like that man needs to keep his head low, get his money, love his family and keep his mouth shut for a bit. He's just doing too much! Looking at the most recent stuff especially is disturbing. He threw Gabby Union under the bus when he didn't have to and got the whole Black Nation screaming on him and calling him a c00n or Uncle Tom! It should not be this way. 

He has since apologized, but the talk continues. This time, Joe Budden is talking and taking it back a bit. This is way out of context, but he skipped the debacle with Gabrielle Union and went back to the allegations that a wild, but powerful white back grabbed Terry Crews black genitals. Terry said he felt powerless even thought he is big enough to break that man in half. He was the only high-profile man to be a part of the #metoo movement. 

Joe said in his podcast that he believes that Terry Crews liked having his penis grabbed by a white man. "Why else would that man feel comfortable grabbing his penis in front of his wife?" the rapper queried! Basically he said that Terry is too damn big for that to happen to him and he not want it to happen. HE NEVER BELIEVED HIM. I guess he is saying it now because he would have gotten flack for saying it when it was a hot topic. He went farther and said that Terry is just shucking and jiving and Gabby is the real victim. Now, Terry has said that he felt like beating up a powerful white man would  mean he would never work again in Hollywood and I believe him. 

Check out the video. 

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The more Joe talks the less I like the cunt. At least when he was making music, the shit talk wasn’t the Main focal point. He’s literally not entertaining anymore.