Joe Budden Tells Wale To Catch A Body!

AllHipHop Staff

Recently Joe Budden took to Twitter to hype Wale up into being more lyrically offensive in 2018.

*By: Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) Apparently Hip-Hop is in the battling mood once again after the Drake diss song. Drake recently responded to a Pusha T diss and all the rappers are hyped.

Joe Budden being the lyricist he is caught wind of some Wale tweets and jabbed.

Clearly Joe wants to see Wale do his lyrical lyricists thing, but Wale might chill.

Joe came out swinging like he wanted the smoke, but said he was just being a journalist.

Makes perfect sense cause his Hip-Hop commentary is absolutely fire to say the least. Just

So his claim of just trying to hype up Wale makes perfect sense.

Basically Joe hopped on Twitter and told Wale to stop chilling and hop in the ring.

Literally, he and others would like to see Wale on the offensive and bodying these verses & rappers.

Will Wale actually step up to the plate and accept the challenge though? Nobody knows for sure, but Wale did just sign a new record deal with Warner Bros.

Hopefully the "Lotus Flower Bomb" rapper will catch a body sooner or later.