Joe Budden Thinks Ari Lennox Is A Bit “Insecure” Following Rottweiler Comparison

Simone Grant

Joe Budden thinks that if Ari Lennox believes in her words she preached about black women, than there should be no need for her to publicly speak on it.

And he’s back! This time with another opinion on a very sensitive subject many black women in today’s society face.

If you haven’t heard, Ari Lennox was recently compared to a Rottweiler on social media. This really hurt her feelings so she went to Instagram live in tears to let out her sentiments. She calls out those who feel comfortable tearing down black women and no other race.

Social media had a lot to say about the situation and many sided with her. Colorism and the degrading of black women is something that is negatively powerful in our community. So when Ari saw comments made about her looks, I guess it triggered something in her to spew her words against those who talk negatively on black women.

According to Joe Budden, he agrees with what Ari says about black women, but feels she is a bit insecure. He feels that if Ari believes that black is truly beautiful than there should be no reason she should use her “energy, platform, and power” to reply to any negative comments. 

The discussion with Joe can be seen on The Joe Budden Podcast below around the 2:00 minute mark. 

What y’all think? Are you siding with Joe on this?