Joe Budden Wants To Know If Drake & The Weeknd Are Gay

Joe Budden certainly gives folks a controversial take-away moment in every episode of Everyday Struggle!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Joe Budden surely knows how to be controversial and how to keep folks talking lol

Drake and The Weeknd's recent behavior of continuing to tease their supposed joint project on Instagram made Joe Budden ask if everyone, including them was gay.

Joe wants to know what the hell is Abel doing man.

The Weeknd commented under Drake's photo saying,

'Take Care curls.'

Drake replied by saying,

"Subliminally trying to tell you we need to make music."

Joe Budden says a man [outside of fame] cannot go under another man's pic and compliment them on their curls, and the one being complimented cannot reply by saying, that he's wearing them to subliminally tell the other that they need to get back together [to make music] LOL.

Does Joe have a point, or is he reaching? Obviously The Weeknd has always had notable hair, so he may just be a hair person.

What are your thoughts?

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Joe said you guys watch just to create headlines.


Akademiks hates him. Sorry but homies send shots all the time. Its not a big deal. Its not gay.