Joe Jackson Believes Janet Jackson Will Perform At Super Bowl 52!


Justin Timberlake may have something up his sleeve!

(AllHipHop Rumors) I mean if Justin Timberlake is performing at Super Bowl 52, it's only right to bring Janet Jackson back also!

Jackon's father Joe Jackson believes that his daughter will be performing at SB '51.

“Janet is ready to comeback and I think it will happen. The way I bought her up she was made for comebacks and this is no different." Jackson told the NY Daily News.

Back in 2004, Janet and Justin Timberlake caused controversy when her nipple was accidentally exposed by Timberlake during a dance number. #Nipplegate

Timberlake has been confirmed to make his return to the Super Bowl stage in February, and it's only right that he bring out Janet, to fix the moment.

It would also make sense for him to bring out the legend since she's been in the public eye this year with her State Of The World Tour.

Joe feels like Janet performing during next year's Super Bowl will give her closure.

"Janet always wanted to know she was not banned after what happened before. We know conversations have taken place secretly, but no-one is daring to say too much publicly until contracts are signed. The audience are expecting a show and I feel that they are expecting to see her too. It is what they want," said Joe.

I'm with a person when they're right, and Joe is right with this one. Timberlake better bring her out!

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Naw Janet will not be back, she is Black in America. If Justin was Black they would have charged him with a crime for doing that to a white girl, instead they demonized Janet... I'm not race baiting just stating the facts.....