Joseline Hernandez Gives Missy Elliott Some Unsolicited Advice!


Well, it's certainly clear that Joseline Hernandez is still not here for Mona Scott-Young!

(AllHipHop Rumors) In case you were wondering if Joseline Hernandez and Mona Scott-Young have made up yet.....they haven't!

Joseline just had to remind us of this when she left a messy comment under one of Missy Elliott's positive posts.

Missy has certainly been one of the biggest names in music for over two decades now, so we are sure she knows what she's doing with her career.

Even with all of the accomplishments that the seasoned vet has, an inexperienced Joseline still felt like she needed some unsolicited career advice.

Missy took to Instagram to share some positive advice! This time she touched on the need for people to keep their circles small so that they could avoid drama.

The self-proclaimed Puerto Rican Princess decided to tell Missy to get rid of a longtime personal and business relationship that Missy has had with Mona Scott-Young, as Mona once managed Missy under Violator.

“Sis get rid of Mona,” commented Joseline.

Joseline may need to let that hate in her heart go and get her music career popping, because Cardi B lapped her. Okay just kidding. We don't need anymore terrible music from Joseline!

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