Joseph Kahn Defends Taylor Swift, Shades Kanye For Supporting "White Supremacist" Donald Trump

Kanye fans aren't feeling music video director Joseph Kahn's claims that Ye supports white supremacist!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Welp! While music video director Joseph Kahn was defending Taylor Swift against people who accused her of supporting white supremacists, he also took a shot at Kanye West in the process.

Kahn has worked closely with Swift on many of her visuals, and he is directing some of the ones from her forthcoming album, 'Reputation'.

Kahn is fed up with all of the hate that Swift has been receiving, and he says that he's defending her because she is a good person.

According to Kahn, people who believe that Swift supports white supremacists are idiots.

"People that accuse Taylor of supporting white supremacists: YOU’RE A BUNCH OF FUCKING IDIOTS," tweeted Khan.

It was all good, we suppose, until Kahn drug Swift's frienemy Kanye West into his Twitter rant.

"Let’s remember there’s one major recording artist who has publicly endorsed a white supremacist," he added with a photo of Kanye West and Donald Trump together.

Kahn believes that Swift doesn't have to address or deny the allegations against her because he feels that that would only make her look guilty and like she has something to hide.

Most felt like he could've made his point without dragging Yeezy Yeezy into the mix. What are your thoughts?

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