Joyner Lucas And Logic Beef Hits New Lows

Joyner Lucas goes the Tupac route with his foe.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Do you never wonder how petty can rap get? I do. Because it sure gets petty. Remember when Pac lied and said he smashed Faith, Biggie's wife and Bad Boy singer? That wasn't cool then and its not cool now. Joyner Lucas and Logic are in a "beef" that really seems like broccoli to me. Subs and slime. Lucas jumped in with this genius idea that he could attack Logic by hollering at his wife. Logic and wife are in the midst of divorce and I am sure that is a really tough space for them to be in at the moment. But Logic couldn't care.

I guess all's fair in love and war, but this is neither.

Trust me. Logic cares

Pac didn’t lie about smashing Faith, that was facts. Biggie did lie about having nothing to do with the robbery tho. As he was wearing Pac’s jewelry the whole time. Stop the bias reporting or find another job...

Joyner has a few good songs, but really you are beefing with logic? who is next Aster Roth? quit trying to act hard to someone who isnt bout that life

yoi smoking dope..everybody know jimmy had that set up bro..and pac lied and said he got shot in the head..he was pistol whipped bro..he used big for sales ask suge

Pac probably smashed his wife, but BIG didn't have anything do with the robbery and wasn't wearing his jewelry. BIG was the biggest victim in that whole beef. Pac clowned him and Puff's stupidity got him killed.